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With high reliability, professional skillsets and advanced technologies, Nacheral Flooring & Wallboard is popular to be a professional flooring and wallboard company. It was launched and established on 2016 and it is managed by Haote Contracting Sdn. Bhd.

Nacheral is specializing in supplying and installing a wide variety of flooring and wallboard, such as SPC Vinyl Flooring, 12mm Laminate Flooring, Wallboard, Flooring Accessories, Wallboard Accessories and Decking. With a wealth experience since 2016, we have successfully completed more than 100 projects which have highly satisfied our customers.

We are a company which is inspired by nature and green environment. We advocate the whole new material for home improvement revolution. The most importantly, we aim for giving you a healthy, comfortable and happy living and working environment.

Product Advantages

Fast Installation
Fire Prevention
Hard Strength
Multifunctional Installation Method
Non Deformation
Sound Insulation
Space Saving
Thermal Insulation

12mm Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is now the most popular and ideal option in most commercial and residential buildings for its anti-scratch surface, water resistance and termite proof. It is built with High-Density Fiber (HDF) core board, solid overlay, decorative paper and balancing layer. AC4 rated, it is more wear resistant and has a longer life than AC3 by 60%. Apart from that, 12mm laminate flooring comes with zero formaldehyde, which is more environmental to surrounding. It is not only excellent in its look and texture, laminate flooring is tough, durable and easy to be cleaned. To cater the market needs, laminate flooring is so welcomed for its wide variations with up to 48 designs and other textures besides wood grain. To be more excellent, the flooring is done by interlock system with clicks. There is no glue used. Hence, there is no unpleasant smell after installation.

4mm SPC Vinyl

4mm Stone Plastic Composite (SPC) flooring is well-known of its 100% waterproof feature and high durability. It is normally used in kitchen, bar, cafe, or restaurant where spillages happen or heavy duty mopping is needed. Moreover, it is well known for its termite-proof advantage. It consists of 4 layers which are backing layer, SPC core, printed Vinyl layer and wear layer. With advanced technology, SPC flooring can mimic natural wood and stone perfectly at a more valuable price point. To cater the design requirements of your premises, we offer up to 12 designs of SPC flooring with not only wood grain texture. For installation, interlock clicking system is implemented where no glue is required and no distressing smell after installation.

Bamboo Fiber Wallboard

Bamboo fiber wallboard is green and environmental “0” formaldehyde. With Germany technology and a European-level environment protection standard, it provides a healthy living or working environment and ensures the room has no unpleasant odour after wallboard installation. Apart from that, what makes bamboo fiber wallboard more welcoming is that it guarantees fire prevention (Grade B2 with Test Report), moisture-proof safety, termite proof, strong impact resistance, long life up to 10 years and convenience to be cleaned. Besides, it offers up to 100 designs for you to choose such as woodgrain, stone, fabric and wallpaper series. Customization of wallboard design is provided too. Similar to the other installations, Nacheral implements interlock clicking system where no glue is applied. Many people loves it because there will be no unpleasant smell after the installation.

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